One Way!
Bilderberg Konferenz 2017
A 12-page story in a split tract

Kliida Klaada Kluuda
Dead Genesis 2016
ISBN 978-952-67792-5-6
36 pages // in color
Soft-cover // 148 x 210 mm

EEEE…. What mind?
- too many fingers on a hand
- the physical principles of Ghostbusters’ man-portable particle accelerator system AND the differences between the characters of the movie and the comic
- measuring everything, I mean, like, everything

Kliida Klaada Kluuda features Tuomas Tiainen’s recent art works. Every single square millimetre of this average-sized art booklet is filled with color, sparkle, and an invasion of recurring shapes and characters that include, for example, hands with unusual number of digits. Words are uttered every now and then, very important words even, but to dive in head-first, reading is not compulsory. The world is filled with everything and yes we are doomed, so why worry about such abstracts as “meaning” or “truth”?

Marty Mars Go to Darklands
Dead Genesis 2015
44 pages // in color // (silent)
Soft-cover // 140 x 105 mm

Scenes from the animated film-in-the-making “Marty Mars goes to Darklands”.