Jenny Haniver
Dead Genesis 2016 // Centrala 2018
ISBN 978-952-5783-23-0
196 pages // black-and-white // (silent)
hard cover // perfect binding // 210 x 210 mm

The houseboat of a seafood-loving dentist hides a secret. A religious woman working in an office would like to be a choir conductor. A night guard of a department store takes care of her disabled little brother. A cultured cleaner brews tea in the cleaner’s cupboard. Everything is set in a gigantic city, its lights and shadows. The metropolis suffocates the little ones with its mass.

Jenny Haniver, a silent comic in black-and-white, is about powers greater than the individual. The unnamed characters seem to drift along even though their decisions seem concious. There is no great plan, just a series of events. Do you have to dance? Yes. No. Have to walk, though.

Man with the Dog
Dead Genesis 2012
ISBN 978-952-67792-0-1
134 pages // black-and-white // in English
soft-cover // 210 x 148 mm

A man wakes up to a new morning perspiring and shouting. Ahead is yet another suffocating day at the factory, and while the forecast promises beautiful weather, there’s something sinister to be seen in the corner of the eye. Man with the Dog is an almost silent story about a man whose loneliness is shattered by an unexpected companion beyond mind and matter. But is this friendship better than being alone? Tuomas Tiainen’s debut comic book is a bleak, graphic work, where there is no grey whatsoever between black and white.